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How Much Does the IELTS Exam Cost?

Ron Ross October 12th, 2021

When planning to take the IELTS exam there are numerous factors to consider. From choosing a testing center to which type of IELTS test you want to take to the costs. While it is easy to choose a test center and practice in advance for the IELTS, costs are still a struggle for many test-takers. For some people, the cost of the IELTS alone is often their main concern. If you are someone who worries about the IELTS exam fees, read on and learn all you need to know about IELTS fees and how to get those fees squared away for your IELTS exam.

The Average Cost of an IELTS Exam

First things first, what is the average price of the IELTS exam? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer since many IELTS exam fees depend on the testing center and country the test is being taken in. The IELTS exam fees can range between $140 – $310 USD.In most cases, IELTS test centers will charge a flat fee of $225, however, this is subject to change. Be sure to inquire about fees and other details with your nearest testing center in advance. How to See What Test Centers Are Charging for the IELTS exam

Since the IELTS exam fees can be all over the place in regards to price it does help to have a way of picking the best price for your budget.To get the best price you will need to start your registration online for the IELTS exam. Once you are on the IELTS website, follow these steps to find out local test center fees and more. The steps are as follows:

  1. Choose between the academic or general module version of the IELTS exam. For those who wish to know the difference between the two versions, click here.
  2. Choose your country or the country where you want to take your test.
  3. Select your city or a city nearest to you.
  4. Choose your test date
  5. Click on the enter button
  6. On the next screen, you will find a link that says “Register” on it. This is the link you will need to click.
  7. After you have clicked the register link, you will see another screen that provides fee information for that specific testing center.

Countries that Will Reimburse You for Your IELTS Exam Fee

Depending on your home country, you may be able to get some or all of your IELTS test fee reimbursed. For example, the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) may be able to reimburse Saudi Arabians the cost of taking the IELTS exam. Universities may provide some fee waivers for students who need to take the IELTS exam. An example of this is the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. This institution offers students who are in a degree programme one IELTS fee waiver. If you aren’t able to pay for the exam, don’t worry. There are many organizations, charities and other institutions that may be willing to reimburse you. All you need to do is research these organizations and check with local universities for more information.

Are You Struggling to Pay for Your IELTS Exam? 

While there are many opportunities to help pay for IELTS exams, not everyone has access to them. Many IELTS test-takers will have to pay for the exam fees on their own. If you are a test-taker who has to pay for your exam, don’t let the cost sway you from taking the IELTS. All you need is a set date in mind, plenty of time to study, and save up as much as you can in the meantime. This means you may have to put off taking the test a few more weeks or months, but in the end, it will be worth it. After all, you get the benefit of more study time and a higher chance of doing very well on your IELTS exam!

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