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IELTS Speaking Vocabulary - Accommodation

James Liu February 15th, 2020

In this video, you are going to learn some great vocabulary you can say about accommodation. This video will be very, very helpful if you are taking the IELTS because they often ask you to talk about accommodation in the speaking section.


Types of accommodation:

  1. Apartment/condo and flat (British word) => foyer, lobby, amenities, facilities, mod cons, elevator, mechanical parking
  2. Serviced apartment
  3. Loft apartment
  4. Skyscraper
  5. Detached house / independent house => home comforts, back garden, garage, attic, patio
  6. Terraced houses
  7. Townhouse
  8. Cottage
  9. Bungalow
  10. Student digs (British word) / student dormitory
  11. Paying guest accommodation
  12. Bedsit


  1. Live in apartment blocks
  2. Live in rented accommodations
  3. Live in the skyline
  4. Live on campus
  5. To do up a property
  6. To take out a mortgage
  7. to get on the property ladder:
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