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The TOEFL Speaking section is often seen as one of the most challenging parts of the exam because it tests not only your English-speaking skills but also your reading and listening skills. On top of that, the test structure is complicated and overwhelming. Many students do poorly in this section because they aren't prepared and don't know what to expect. For example: What kinds of TOEFL Speaking questions will be asked, how to answer each speaking question type, and how long to your response should be for each speaking task. These and many other questions need to be answered before your test day to help you maximize your TOEFL speaking score.

In this guide, we will answer all those questions and more. You'll find articles explaining all the speaking tasks in detail, teaching you how to give a high scoring speaking response, and providing you critical TOEFL speaking templates.

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New TOEFL Speaking Topics Updated for TOEFL Speaking Task 1 - 2022 Edition Ron Ross May 21st, 2022 TOEFL Speaking Guide

One of the reasons why students find the TOEFL speaking test challenging is new TOEFL speaking topics are added each year. Because of this, it's a lot harder to prepare for the speaking section. Even native English speakers can get nervous and have their minds go blank when they are asked to talk about unfamiliar TOEFL speaking topics. Because there are so many different speaking topics you could encounter, the best way to prepare for the TOEFL speaking section is to learn and master the basic and more advanced strategies to answering each speaking question type first. Then you'll want to start practicing and honing your new skills with as many old & new TOEFL speaking topics as you can find.

In this post, you will find 45 new TOEFL speaking topics for Independent Speaking Task 1 in 2021 and 2022. These question topics cannot be found on older TOEFL online courses or books. We gathered them from students who took the actual TOEFL exams. If you want to prepare for the TOEFL Speaking Task 1, these new TOEFL speaking questions are a must-study.

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The Top TOEFL Speaking Templates for All Speaking Tasks James Liu October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Speaking Guide

For many, the Speaking section is the biggest obstacle to overcome on the TOEFL. To succeed, speakers must demonstrate their ability not only to answer correctly, but to do so in real-time. Instead of freezing up, you can prepare yourself for the Speaking section with the help of a speaking template.  We'll lay out everything you need to know about the different tasks you'll encounter on the Speaking section of the TOEFL test, and show you how you can best use Speaking templates to your advantage.

You’ll find the use of these 9 TOEFL speaking templates to be an essential tool in making sure you’re ready for anything that shows up on this section of the TOEFL test. Read on to learn more about speaking templates, and be able to approach each Speaking task with confidence and ease.

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TOEFL speaking tips: How to improve connecting sentences in your speech Ron Ross October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Speaking Guide

The Speaking section of the TOEFL can be especially difficult, as you must speak in real-time, while also giving an organized, thoughtful response to questions. However, there are few tricks you can learn to help you connect your sentences more naturally when speaking. At the same time, connecting words or “filler words” can also buy you extra time to plan your response.

To learn more about improving your speaking for the Speaking section of the TOEFL test, check out this article. Here, you’ll find plenty of examples, as well as explanations of how to use different types of strategies to better connect your sentences when speaking.

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Live Feedback for your TOEFL Speaking Review Madison Oster October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Speaking Guide

Known as the most challenging section on the TOEFL test by many, the Speaking section requires plenty of preparation to succeed. But, just preparing on your own will likely not be enough, so getting feedback is important to improve your speaking. A speaking review is a helpful way to get some feedback on your speaking right away.

To make sure you’re reading for the TOEFL Speaking section, you’re going to need feedback, and plenty of it. This article explains how our speaking reviews can benefit you while preparing for your TOEFL, and also provides an example of what you get when you use our speaking reviews.

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How to Tackle a Three-choice Question in TOEFL Speaking Task 1 Madison Oster October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Speaking Guide

On the TOEFL Speaking section, it’s important to prepare yourself for the possibility of many different kinds of questions. “Three-choice” question types are one such possibility, where speakers must choose one out of three options, and explain the choice. These questions have been seen increasingly often in Speaking task 1. So, what’s the best way to approach a “three-choice” question?

The following article provides information, with two examples, on how to deal with these questions types in the most effective way. Make sure you’re ready for anything on the TOEFL Speaking section by learning more about “three-choice” questions here.

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TOEFL Speaking Task 1 - The 4 Different TOEFL Question Styles Madison Oster October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Speaking Guide
Today we are going to talk about different question styles of the TOEFL Speaking Task 1. Generally speaking, we identified 4 different question styles. Of these four styles, three are rather new and haven’t been used in this part of TOEFL that often before. We will help you understand these questions and we will form structured responses to them together.
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