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27Oct 2015

Speaking is a practical skill and therefore the best way to prepare for the test is to gain the skill and put it into as much practice as possible. This way you can speak in English naturally and comfortably. The best approach is to engage in conversation with native speakers of English. Practice using the English language to give your opinion, describing problems and solutions, pronunciations and using contractions so as to sound more natural when speaking. Apart from listening to actual people, there are numerous resources to help you master the same skills such as websites and books.

10Oct 2015

The speaking section of the iBT TOEFL® test is a measure of how well you can express yourself in English effectively in an academic setting both inside and outside a classroom. There are two tasks under this section, all drawing on real-life situations that students encounter:

During a class, where students must be able to answer or ask questions, partake in academic discussions, give a summary of what they read and hear as well as express their views on the topics under discussion.

Outside the classroom. Students need to hold casual interactive conversations, express their views and generally communicate with people in such places as the bookstore, cafeteria or in the accommodation centers.

22Feb 2014

It's important to study with TOEFL practice questions before taking the iBT TOEFL exam. In order to improve your TOEFL speaking score, practice is the number 1 method.

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