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To prepare effectively for the TOEFL, you need to understand everything about the TOEFL exam including how the test is structured, what kinds of questions you'll be asked, how long test is, and so on.  Knowing how to utilize this information is key to getting a high TOEFL score.

In this guide, you'll learn everything about the TOEFL test including general TOEFL information, TOEFL test structure, and how and where you can register for TOEFL.

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TOEFL Test Guide Glossary

TOEFL Scores and Conditional Acceptance Kayla C. October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Test Guide

Getting a TOEFL score high enough to be accepted at your desired school could end up more difficult than you expected. But, there are alternatives for those of us who don’t score quite high enough on the TOEFL. One way around a seemingly troublesome TOEFL test score is called “conditional acceptance”, and even top universities may still be in reach for you.

If you’re not familiar with TOEFL scores and conditional acceptance, or have additional questions, this guide will provide some of the essential information you’re looking for. Come find answers to common questions on conditional acceptance with your TOEFL score, and learn more here.

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Predict Your TOEFL Score Madison Oster October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Test Guide

After you’ve finished your TOEFL test, it’s likely that you’re waiting (perhaps not so patiently) to know how you did. While it’s normal for many anxious test takers to want to know their score right away, the truth is there isn’t any simple way to calculate your exact score before receiving it. However, it is possible to get an idea of how you did on the TOEFL.

We’ve put together a few points and resources in this article that may satisfy some of your test curiosity, both before and after you take the TOEFL test. You’ll learn more about steps you can take right now to see what kind of TOEFL scores you can expect.

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Do I need to take the TOEFL? Madison Oster October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Test Guide

Taking the TOEFL is not easy. Before committing to take TOEFL, make sure the college or graduate program actually requires it.

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Best Time to Take the TOEFL Ron Ross October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Test Guide

The date you decide to take your TOEFL test might turn out to be one of the most important decisions you make when preparing. You’ll need to pick a time isn’t too early or too late to be sure you can reach your ideal score.

It might seem like a lot of pressure to put on timing, so we’ve put together this guide to make it easier for you to decide on when to take your TOEFL test. Here, you’ll find example scenarios, as well as information about the TOEFL test to help you make your best choice.

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The Ultimate Guide For TOEFL Test Registration James Liu October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Test Guide

If you’re thinking about taking the TOEFL test, now you may be facing some tough questions. You may wonder what to expect on the TOEFL test, how to plan and select your test dates and location, or even how to register for the test. If you’ve already started studying for the test, you may also be looking for better ways to prepare.

TOEFL test takers can use this step-by-step guide to get some answers on all these questions, and more. Come see how you can get started with your TOEFL test in just four simple steps, and make sure you don’t miss anything you need to know about the TOEFL.

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Understanding TOEFL Speaking and Writing Scores Kayla C. October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Test Guide

Your score on the Speaking and Writing sections of the TOEFL and are graded by human scorers, unlike the other sections of the test. Understanding how the Speaking and Writing sections of the TOEFL are graded will be important to ensuring the success of your overall score. However, because these sections are further divided into separate tasks, their grading rubrics could seem a little overwhelming.  

Here, you’ll see what a good Speaking and Writing score looks like, as well as details on how the sections are scored with examples and explanations of the grading rubrics. This article even breaks down the grading rubric for individual tasks on both the Speaking and Writing section, to help you get an even closer look at grading for these sections.

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Understanding TOEFL Reading and Listening Scores Kayla C. October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Test Guide

Although your overall TOEFL score may be important, some universities will also have specific requirements for certain sections of the test, for example, the Reading and Listening sections. How do you know if your score on those sections is going to be enough? And, how do those sections themselves affect your overall TOEFL score?

To learn more about scores on the Reading and Listening sections of the TOEFL test, check out this comprehensive guide. You’ll get more information about what a good Reading and Listening score looks like, as well as using raw test scores to determine a good score for yourself.

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Request a TOEFL Rescore. Should you do it? Madison Oster October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Test Guide

You’ve finally received your TOEFL score, but rather than feel relieved, you think to yourself, “What? That’s impossible!” If you’re more than just a little surprised by a low TOEFL score, you may be glad to learn that you’ve still got options. It’s possible to request a TOEFL rescore for the writing and speaking sections. But first, you’ll need to decide whether requesting a rescore is right for you.

Our guide on TOEFL rescoring will explain what a rescore is, how requesting one works, as well as what’s required to request a rescore. In addition, we’ll give you a few important points to consider when making your decision on requesting a TOEFL rescore.

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How difficult is the TOEFL? James Liu October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Test Guide

Whether you’re already preparing for the TOEFL test, or still deciding whether or not to take it, at some point you’ve likely wondered, “How hard is this test really going to be?” It’s a fair question. While it’s difficult to answer with any real certainty, it’s possible to see how difficult individual sections of the test, Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing, are relative to each other.

To see what kind of challenges each section of the TOEFL offers, just check out this article. You’ll learn more about how each section on the TOEFL compares with the others, and get some specifics and insight on what makes some sections more difficult than others.

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The TOEFL Scoring System Madison Oster October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Test Guide

The way the TOEFL test is graded may seem like almost a science in itself. With its own unique scoring system, the TOEFL test allows for a maximum score of 120 between four sections. There is no such thing as a “pass” or a “fail” on the test. Yes, you read that correctly; the test is not scored out of 100%, and it’s impossible to pass! To get your best possible score on the TOEFL test, it’s important that you learn more about how exactly your test will be scored.

This guide will give you an in-depth explanation on how the TOEFL test is graded, and what a good score on the test looks like depending on your academic goals. Here, you’ll learn how the TOEFL scoring system applies to you directly.

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Introduction to the TOEFL Writing Section Kayla C. October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Test Guide

Finally, you’ve reached the last section of the TOEFL test: the Writing section. In the Writing section of the test, you’ll need to be able to plan, write, and revise a couple of essays in just under an hour. To get yourself prepared, you’ll need to become more familiar with both integrated and independent writing, as well as the various types of questions you may see on the Writing section.

This helpful introduction is just what you need to get started studying for the Writing section of the TOEFL test. Check out writing samples, example questions, writing tips and more here to make sure you get your best score on the Writing section.

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Introduction to the TOEFL Listening Section Madison Oster October 12th, 2021 TOEFL Test Guide

You’ll be faced with the Listening section on the second section of the TOEFL test. This section will test your ability to listen to both conversations and academic lectures, with a variety of question types appearing in each of the 2-3 tasks. To show off your best listening skills, you’ll first need to learn all you can about the Listening section of the test, as well as get plenty of listening practice.

This guide provides a detailed introduction to the Listening section of the TOEFL, with added examples, explanations, and tips for successfully answering questions. Check out some listening audio clips with multiple choice practice questions for the TOEFL Listening section.

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