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How to take notes for the TOEFL Listening section Taking good notes as you listen actively throughout the entire listening is very important. Many students either no notes so they have trouble remembering important information or they take too many notes and sacrifice understanding and comprehension. Many students also think they can do better without taking notes because they feel it distracts th... Read More
Proven study method to improve your TOEFL listening score In today’s post, we will show you how to study for the listening section using TOEFL listening practice questions. ... Read More
Recommended activities for studying the TOEFL® listening section Academic is done typically for one of three purposes i.e. basic comprehension, pragmatic understanding or connecting and synthesizing information. The best way to increase one’s vocabulary and build listening skills is to actually listen to the English language and read a variety of academic material in English. Listening is found to be most enga... Read More
Signal Words in TOEFL Listening When you are listening to a lecture in the TOEFL listening section, you don’t want to pay the same amount of attention to every single word. A better strategy is to listen selectively, paying more attention to the important words. So what words should you pay extra attention to? The answer is signal words. Signal words give clues as to the direc... Read More
How to prepare for TOEFL® listening section If you’re looking for a guide to help you prepare for the TOEFL listening section, you are in the right place. This guide will help you with your TOEFL listening practice by walking you through the entire listening section, tell you exactly how you should listen to improve your listening score, give you a list of test-taking tips to help you avoi... Read More
TOEFL Listening
TOEFL® Listening Question Types There are 8 types of questions in the Listening section. These types are divided into 3 categories as follows: Basic Comprehension Questions, Pragmatic Understanding Questions, and Connecting Information Questions. We will take a look at each of the three categories and the TOEFL listening question types associated with each. ... Read More
TOEFL Listening Practice
Overview of the iBT TOEFL® Listening Section There are two formats for the Listening section. On the short format, you will listen to two conversations, two lectures, and two discussions. On the long format, you will listen to three conversations, three lectures, and three discussions. After each listening passage, you will answer five or six questions about it. Only two conversations, two le... Read More