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TOEFL for Business School

Madison Oster October 12th, 2021

Many of the top business schools worldwide do not only require TOEFL scores but require high scores. Business schools value competence in English and they require that in their students. If MBA is ever in your future, you will probably have to submit a TOEFL score and it will never be too early to start studying, especially when you know their requirements are high.

Here are the score requirements of some high-ranking MBA schools in the US.


Required Minimum TOEFL Score



Chicago (Booth School)




Pennsylvania (Wharton)

Average score of students is 110; no specific minimum score

Northwestern (Kellogg)

Average score of students is 109; no specific minimum score

Dartmouth (Tuck)

No specific minimum  score

If the schools you are considering are not on this list, you can always check out the school website or contact the admission office of the school for more information about the TOEFL. If the websites do not have specific minimum score requirements, you can look for places on the websites that recommend the average TOEFL score of the accepted students to get a general idea of what you need. If they don’t even have the average scores, then you can look for the information from outside sources such as US News, Princeton Review, or other college and university guides.

When there is no requirement?

As said earlier, some schools may not present a specific minimum TOEFL score requirement. However, there are other schools that do not state that they require a TOEFL score at all. However, it is still in your best interest to demonstrate for the school your English proficiency.

If you studied or worked in an English-speaking country for a long time prior to applying to business school or if you have some other significant English experience in English, you should contact the school admission office to see whether or not your English experience can give you a pass in providing English standardized scores.

With many schools, if you complete your bachelor’s degree in the US, then that is enough to waive the requirement for a standardized test. However, this is not always the case, so to be safe, you should check out the schools' websites and admission office for more information. Also, do not assume that the requirements for all the schools will be the same. They can be widely different. So when you check, make sure to check out information for all the schools you want to apply to.

If you do not have that English experience and the schools you are interested in say nothing about a TOEFL requirement, it is safest to contact their admission office for more information. You can still submit the TOEFL score or demonstrate your English proficiency in an accepted alternative way. Either way, you should find out. For a business school application, it’s better to have more in your application than less.

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