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TOEFL® Reading Question Type - Vocabulary Question

TOEFL® Reading Question Type - Vocabulary Question

 In today’s post, we will discuss a "Vocabulary question". In a reading "Vocabulary question", you are asked what a word or phrase is closest in meaning to and are given 4 answer options. You need to be able to understand the meaning of the word as it is used in the passage.

Let’s see an example of a vocabulary question

[1]   The Native American Trade is the trade between Europeans, their North American descendants, and the indigenous people of North America who are now known as Native Americans in the United States, First Nations in Canada, whom were formerly known as Indians. Indian Trade is the term used to describe the people involved in the trade, which began in the 1500s, and had various products in different regions and eras. In most of Canada the term is synonymous with the fur trade such as beaver fur which, from the European point of view, was the most valuable product of the trade.

Question:  The word indigenous in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to

A. Intelligent

B. Foreign

C. Native

D. Friendly

Answer explanation:
C is the correct answer. Native is the closest in definition to indigenous. B is incorrect. Intelligent means having good understanding or mental capacity. C is incorrect. Foreign means from another country. D is incorrect. Friendly means favorably disposed.