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Live Feedback for your TOEFL Writing Review

Ron Ross October 12th, 2021

This short article will explain why it's important to get a writing review, what you can expect by getting a review, and a sample of a completed review. By the way, ourTOEFL online course offers at least 6 speaking and 2 writing reviews to our students. You can find the full sample writing review here - Writing question 1 - under the "RESULTS TAB"

Why it's Important to Get a Writing Review

Many students struggle with improving their writing score because they're repeatedly making the same mistakes. This recurring situation is sad because those mistakes are the biggest killer in your TOEFL writing score and could have been easily avoided if one had received sufficient feedback. For this reason alone, it's extremely important and necessary to get feedback on your TOEFL writing essays to determine where you are making the same mistakes and how you can avoid them.

How to Get 26 in the Writing Section

A favorite question we often get from our students is "How do I get 26 on the writing section?" The answer...which most students hate that there is no shortcut to scoring high on the writing section. So how do you score 26 on the writing section?

The solution is simple but takes hard work and dedication.

  1. Complete our TOEFL writing lessons: By completing our writing lessons, you'll learn how to write basic and advanced essay structures and learn about common pitfalls the average unprepared student encounters.
  2. Read a lot of high-scoring TOEFL essays: Reading high scoring essays will help teach your brain what a good essay reads like, so you can practice simulating the same structure, transitions, and coherence.
  3. Practice writing your own essays: This is obvious, but still critical in your success.
  4. Get feedback on your essay: We've already gone over this, but you need to know where you are making mistakes and correct them. Getting feedback on your essays is the only way you'll know if you're doing well or need a lot of improvement. If you can find a native English speaker who will do it for free, that is even better. But you should offer them something in return as it takes a lot of time and effort to provide detailed feedback on an essay

What our Writing Reviews Include

Here are what our writing reviews include

  1. Correction of grammar and vocabulary mistakes
  2. Academic language suggestions on your vocabulary and sentence structures
  3. Analytical comments on each of your paragraphs
  4. A TOEFL score

The TOEFL score is graded on the following categories

  1. Task Fulfillment
  2. Pronunciation & Intonation
  3. Flow & Speech
  4. Correct Grammar Usage
  5. Vocabulary Usage (Appropriacy and Range)
  6. Support & Development
  7. Connections & Coherence

With each review, your score will improve and those repeated mistakes will become less frequent. Without the reviews, you take a risk of making avoidable mistakes that could cost you a chance to enroll into your desired program.

Writing Review Sample

The writing sample can be found here - Writing Question 1 - sample review - under the RESULTS TAB


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