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18Oct 2015

1. Familiarizing with TOEFL® format
Lack of sufficient preparation is one of the main causes that people face exam stress. Detailed studying of the TOEFL® iBT exam format is a sure way to get prepared for the test. Our TOEFL® iBT course and simulated tests help master the structure of the test.

18Oct 2015

The first step to doing well in any paper is in proper preparation and TOEFL is no exception. It matters highly what sort of preparation you have had. Do you understand what format you will sit your test in i.e. whether it will be internet based or paper based? After you know that ensure that you are well versed with the academic English language. If it is possible every candidate should get a mentor to guide them through their revision and preparation. If not, there is www.bestmytest.com where you can easily get similar skills and practice for all sections of the test.

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