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15 ways to improve your TOEFL® score

Madison Oster June 15th, 2018

1. Familiarizing with TOEFL® format
Lack of sufficient preparation is one of the main causes that people face exam stress. Detailed studying of the TOEFL® iBT exam format is a sure way to get prepared for the test. Our TOEFL® iBT course and simulated tests help master the structure of the test.

2. Research TOEFL® Score Requirements 
The test is mostly taken by students looking to join higher learning institutions in English-speaking countries. Universities have different cutoff points for eligibility and it is important that the candidates learn this to have working targets. This helps in continuous assessment as they draw closer to the test day. 

3. Learning Academic English
TOEFL® is a specific measure of a candidate’s ability to flourish in an American university of college. Be sure to master a language that would be used in such circles, found in academic material.

4. Sufficient practice 
The closest you can come to an actual TOEFL® test apart from taking the same is using practice tests. Our TOEFL® iBT course gives perfect coverage in this sense. You can use it to evaluate yourself and see what areas to improve in in good time.

5. Getting a mentor
Among the handiest resources a candidate can have is a native English speaker for a mentor. This could be a trained tutor or a person who has attempted and passed the test. They broaden your perspective and enlighten one on issues that books cannot.

6. Prepare well on the test day
When you are totally prepared, both mentally and materially you are able to relax and concentrate better in the exam room. This is a key success in any exam or test.

7. Pace Yourself
Have a functional watch in the exam room that you use to monitor your utilization of time. Dedicate a set amount of time to a particular section to avoid spending too much time on the difficult questions. This intermarries with ample practice since a practice test like our simulated tests, for instance help estimate your time distribution.

8. Perfect your note-taking skills
Only enough practice can allow you to perfect your note taking skills so that you only note down essential points and develop your own meaningful shorthand. This is a vital skill even beyond the test day. 

9. Answer all questions
Simply put, for every question answered you have a 25% better chance of success than if you left a blank space.

10. Mastery of Reading section skills
Familiarize with key academic vocabulary, reading without a dictionary, concentrate in areas of the passage pertinent to the questions and practice comprehensively reading the passage only once.

11. Mastery of skills specific to the Listening section 
When practicing play a tape/CD only once as you will in the test, move on completely from questions already tackled and learn to listen out to the main ideas, presentation format and key details in the test.

12. Mastery of the skills specific to the speaking Section
While seeking to use as much time as possible, it is allowed to hesitate a while to compose yourself. Use only the words you are comfortable pronouncing as well as vocabulary and idioms whose meaning you’re sure of. In the end, some things up with a short conclusion.

13. The Writing Section 
Have phrases from your practice sessions at your fingertips to make connections in your writing. Keep your essays simple and clear, using only language you are sure of. Employ supporting examples and above all allocate time for planning and revising your work right on the onset.

14. Strengthen all four skills
You must learn to integrate all four communication skills in your work to perform well in your test. Doing very poorly in one area despite the other results will mean retaking the test.

15. Eat before the test
No food or drinks are allowed in the test room so be sure to eat a meal, to sustain you for the four durations of the test.

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